It's with a heavy heart that we are pulling Geronimo from the App Store.

The backend for the app has been too unstable to support the interest we've had at this point. Continual server upgrades and around the clock hours have still left us with more hiccups than we believe you as users deserve.

All the new interactions and ways we've created for dealing with email are real. Those of you who never got in, we're sorry you missed out but we hope to share it with you in the future. Geronimo is built around efficient new ways of dealing with mobile email and, when stable, is a sight to behold. Those of you who it worked for know this and I appreciate your support.

We're going to work our way through these kinks and bring back a new version of Geronimo for everyone that is the 5 star reinvention of email you deserve.

Erik & the Jumpin Labs team

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